VK7RMD Mount Duncan Repeater Site

Repeater Tower on Mount Duncan

Mount Duncan site is located within the Dial Range National Park and is situated behind Penguin on the North West Coast of Tasmania

Access is gained by traversing a narrow winding track along the West side of the mountain. The site is about 650 meters above sea level.

Depending on ones fitness it can take between 45 minutes and 75 minutes to reach the summit. But once there, the view is spectacular with a near 360 degree view on a clear day. One can see as far as the Tamar Heads in the East and in a North Westly direction to Table Cape. The site has two small peaks about 40 metres apart and at a similar elevation. The bit of ground in between is a no-mans land, rugged and not so flat. The site is located on the Eastern peak

Repeater Shack Mount Duncan, Cavity Filters + Repeaters

There are two repeaters that operate from the Mouint Duncan Site.

Details 2 Meter repeater

The 2 Meter Repeater has the following specs.

Details 70cm:

The 70cm Repeater has the following specs.